One of the sleeping issues - considering Quilt Cover Set

Do you have a good sleep recently?
Sleeping plays a very important role in our daily life. According to biologists' research, the time we are asleep accounts for 1/3 of human being's whole life. When you are asleep, your brain and body can get continuing rest and recovery, which is helpful to your studying and working the next day. High-quality sleeping is the absolute guarantee for your regular life.

How to keep sleeping well for the whole night?
Stick to your regular schedule, remember not to stay up late on weekend.

  • Don't eat too much before sleep. Avoid eating spicy and greasy food for two hours before going to bed. Because they usually affect your sleep quality.
  • Don't have coffee and cigarettes before sleep.
  • Keep exercising every day. The best time for sports is afternoon. Regular and moderate exercising can increase the quality of sleep.
  • Maintain the temperature in your bedroom between 15 to 24 centigrade. This is the range which can help you fall asleep as soon as possible.
  • Comfortable bed, quilt cover, pillow, pillowcases and so on. They are also very important to your health and sleep.
  • Always sleep in a quiet bedroom. Turn off radios and TV before you sleep. Silence is beneficial to falling asleep.
  • Don't rely on hypnotics( pills that assist people to asleep )for a long time. You can consult the doctors before taking it. Remember: Don't take hypnotics continually for over 4 weeks.

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