Fabric materials to make bedding products

What do we know about the materials of bed linen?
There are several kinds of materials for bed linen. Initially, 100% cotton. 100% of cotton sets are usually soft and warm. They have strong moisture absorption and are amenable to washing. In addition, 100% of cotton ones make less static. However, 100% cotton sets may shrink after the first time washing. Furthermore, they usually wrinkle easily and has a weak elastic. So, warm iron when needed often.

Second, Polyester cotton. Polyester cotton is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, which consists of plain weave and twill weave these two kinds. Plain weave one is often thin. It has strong intensity, durability, and weak shrinkage, with an economical price, which is cheaper than 100% cotton. But 100% of cotton is more comfortable and close-fitted than polyester cotton. Twill weave sets have a higher density than plain ones. So they look and feels better.

Third, Jacquard with high density. It is a kind of superior material, featured with abundant and various textures. So it can make sets more elegant. Furthermore, It feels thick, with high durability.

Finally, Silk. Silk is a high-grade material, which has higher breathability and elastic and stronger moisture absorption than cotton. However, silk is easily polluted by dirt and blots. Then it can’t resist to strong sunlight. So silk needs more careful maintaining.

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