When choosing quilt covers, what is most important to us?

You can select a good quilt cover set by yourself after reading this. First, a good quilt cover set product should have the illustration of the size, washing method and the fabric. Second, its surface should be clean and smooth; its printing should be clear and distinct. What’s more, you can touch and feel very fine. In addition, you can take a sniff. Good quilt cover sets should not have any smells.
Some knowledge about a perfect quilt cover set:

It has strong elastic and high breathability.
Most perfect quilt cover sets are made of 100% cotton. Because 100% of cotton sets are soft. What’s more, they always have excellent sweat absorbency, which is very beneficial to your health.
What do we call as duvet?

Duvet is a word from French. (Another word in Australia known as duvet is doona). Duvet is a soft bag, which is made of feathers of ducks, filled with cotton, silk, wool or feathers and so on. For protection, a duvet is always covered with a removable cover, which is similar to a pillowcase.
Duvets are the most common form of bed covering. It is useful in blocking heat.

What is a quilt cover is made of?

There is several kinds of materials of bed linen.

Initially, 100% cotton - A 100% cotton sets are usually soft and warm. They have strong moisture absorption and are amenable to washing. In addition, 100% of cotton ones make less static. However, 100% cotton sets may shrink after the first time washing. Furthermore, they usually wrinkle easily and have weak elastic. So, warm iron when needed often.
Second, Polyester cotton. It is made of 50% polyester and 50% cotton in most cases, which consists of plain weave and twill weave these two kinds. Plain weave one is often thin. It has strong intensity, durability, and weak shrinkage, with an economical price, which is cheaper than 100% cotton. But 100% of cotton is more comfortable and close-fitted than polyester cotton. Twill weave sets have a higher density than plain ones. So they look and feels better.
Third, Jacquard with high density. It is a kind of superior material, featured with abundant and various textures. So it can make sets more elegant. Furthermore, it feels thick, with high durability.
Finally, Silk. Silk is a high-grade material, which has higher breathability and elastic and stronger moisture absorption than cotton. However, silk is easily polluted by darts and blots. Then it can’t resist to strong sunlight. So silk needs more careful maintaining.

Easy to care your quilt cover set?
Linen sets can’t be twisted and wrung overly because of its fragile fabric when washed.
Silk sets cannot be washed by water.
Separate light color sets from dark color ones when washing.
After being washed, sets should be dried in the air. You can also use a clothes dryer, but the temperature should be under 35 centigrade.
Keep the sets in dark places with low humidity and good ventilation for avoiding mildew.

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